‘Hypnosis Downloads’ for August 2020

Hypnosis Downloads
Hypnosis Downloads

This month’s August 2020 new hypnosis titles from Hypnosis Downloads.

As life in Scotland returns to some semblance of normality for the Hypnosis Downloads people, they are still running their special offers at Hypnosis Downloads.com, but they may end soon – depending on how things go of course.  – they have proven very popular.

Title Description
Talk so  People will Listen

Talk so people will listen:

Learn how to make people genuinely care about what you have to say

Talk So People Will Listen

Do you sometimes feel that people just don’t pay attention when you speak?

Would you like to learn to communicate in a way that really commands attention?

Overcome Fear of Discomfort

Overcome Fear of discomfort

Grow, learn, and find true fulfilment by embracing challenge and adversity

Overcome Fear of Discomfort

Do you sometimes resist doing things you know would be good for you?

Have you worked yourself into an insulated bubble of comfort, ease… and boredom?

It’s only natural to seek out comfort. Comfort can be a truly wonderful experience, and indeed some level of comfort is essential to a life well lived. But when we prioritize comfort at all costs, to the point that we are no longer open to challenge and change, we deny ourselves some of life’s richest experiences. We start to feel lethargic and unfulfilled. And that’s to say nothing of the impacts of inactivity on our physical health.

Stop Being Offended

Stop being offended (by everything)

Learn to deal with disrespectful comments and let go of the little things with this gentle advanced hypnosis session

Stop Being Offended

Are you easily offended?

Do you wish you could take things in your stride instead of dwelling on them?

It can be hard to let go of comments or behaviors that feel inappropriate or disrespectful. One offhand comment can turn into days or even weeks of rumination as you constantly wonder why the person said it, what exactly they meant – and, worst of all, whether they’re right.

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