What Is Hypnosis?   (an official definition: (courtesy of Natural Hypnosis dot com)

Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person loses the power of voluntary action and is tremendously aware of suggestion or direction.

To go into a little more detail you could say that hypnosis is often overcomplicated. Hypnosis is used to describe a trance like state.

However, in reality we all go in and out of mild “trances” every day; those moments when our minds wander and we fantasize, even when we just shut the planet out and deeply focus on a book we are reading.

These trance like states, and they are all safe and natural. All hypnosis does is put you into one of these mild “trance” states purposefully, and gradually, as you keep getting exposed to the hypnotic suggestions of the hypnotist, your patterns of thinking and self beliefs will start to change.

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Although you might not remember everything which is said to you once you enter a trance you are not actually asleep, hypnosis is a wakeful state where you are both deeply relaxed but you have a heightened sense of awareness and are open to suggestion.

Due to this heightened state of mind it is possible to use hypnosis to rewire your self beliefs and patterns of thinking.

To sum up very briefly, it may be said that hypnosis gains access  to the subconscious mind in order to get rid of the negative beliefs which hinder personal progress.

What’s possible with hypnosis?

Hypnosis has a good reputation for treating phobic disorders and fears, or at least this is how it started out. It then began to be used with consistent results for weight loss and stopping smoking.

Hypnosis is now used for the elimination of almost any unfavorable belief, it is used to help a wide range of health problems and is massively effective for improving self beliefs such as self-esteem and confidence.

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