Healing with light - Healingfest

Healing with Light – Healingfest (FREE event)

Healing with light - Healingfest

Get a Free Pass to see a demonstration of the Sacred Scalar Lasers in a free online event called the Healing with Light – Healingfest hosted by Learning Strategies

Can physical devices actually help you heal and raise your energy to higher levels?

You are likely to have used or experimented with various modalities for energy healing such as meditation, Spring Forest Qigong, and Reiki.

They involve having your body, mind, and spirit generate, tap, and use light to dissipate energy blockages.

Energy blockages can cause health issues. Dissipating energy blockages helps the body heal.

But what about an external light source?

It makes sense that adding light to the body can help the body heal.

This can be done by using a laser. You may have heard of this.

Come to the “Healing with Light” Healingfest event on October 9th with an open mind and childlike curiosity.

  • You’ll meet Paul Weisbart, the developer of the lasers;
  • Learn how lasers work;
  • See how to use them;
  • Discover what you can expect from using a laser.

You will have unlimited access to five fascinating video sessions of about an hour each.

This laser is FDA-cleared for pain relief, inflammation, blood circulation, arthritis, joint stiffness, and promoting relaxation of muscle tissue. That’s huge!

It can also be very effective in deepening your connection to Universal Energy.

The laser works perfectly with various other healing modalities, meditations, and audio tools such as Paraliminals. It is absolutely worth exploring.

Healing with light - Healingfest

With your Free Pass you will get access to a 37-page clinical report on the effectiveness of lasers.

You’ll also learn a technique to use with or without the laser.

Healing with Light - Healingfest

It involves a simple process to help shift the central nervous system from its usual state of alertness to one of calmness.

It takes only seconds and can result in stress and tension dissolving on the spot. You’ll learn this in the first video.

You can use this technique at any moment in any day whether in a meeting, doing work, challenged and stressed, going to sleep, or getting ready for a soothing meditation or Paraliminal.

The “Healing with Light” Healingfest begins shortly, so get your Free Pass right now!

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