Turmeric, the yellow coloured spice also  known  as curcumin, has a long history  of medicinal  use.

Powdered turmeric ( generally, the stronger the colour-the more effective the turmeric)

Green Med Info credits turmeric with benefiting over 600  health  conditions , including “multi-drug resistant cancer, destroying cancer stem cells, protecting against radiation-induced damage protecting against heavy metal toxicity and preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and associated pathologies”. There is also  strong evidence that turmeric  impacts on  long term general health  and wellbeing, and potentially, longevity.

Optionally adding either ginger or cinnamon  increases its anti- inflammatory  properties, while blackpepper markedly increases the  intake and effectiveness of the curcumin in the body.

To  cheaply and easily gain the benefits of turmeric, you can  try  the following:

  • Buy a bag of turmeric powder  in  bulk  from  your local  eastern  (Chinese, Indian  etc)  food store. (ideally organic). Generally the more yellow the turmeric is, the greater its positive effect.
  • Buy a bag of either ginger or cinnamon  powder
  • Buy a pot of natural honey ( clover honey is usually cheapest and un-creamed makes it easier to  spoon out!)
  • Top  up  your peppercorn grinder with  black  peppercorns
  • Put one heaped teaspoon  each into  a small  pottery  cup  or bowl of the  turmeric,  cinnamon (or ginger) and honey
  • Grind a small  amount of black peppercorns into  the bowl.
  • Place the bowl in  the microwave  and heat  for 10 seconds only (honey  heated  for longer will  be  extremely hot and dangerous and 10  seconds is just  sufficient to  melt the honey)
  • Stir the  powder into  the honey until it is a smooth paste
  • Check  the heat of the mixture before eating, and then eat by the teaspoonful!  (you may  need to  wash  the spiciness of the ginger or cinnamon down with  a drink  afterwards)

One of the supplemental  advantages of taking turmeric in powder form in this honey mixture is its very  positive impact on gum health. Oral health can have a profound positive impact on your whole of body wellbeing

I would suggest optionally supplementing your powder mix with  a capsule a day of turmeric.


Livestrong notes that  Turmeric is safe for consumption, and curcumin supplements are generally considered safe. However, prolonged intake of high-dose curcumin extracts may cause stomach upset and, in extreme cases, ulcers. Curcumin supplements may also interact with certain medications and should not be taken by individuals on blood-thinning drugs or by diabetics without doctor supervision.



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