Meditation 2 with Craig Hamilton
Meditation 2 with Craig Hamilto

The Miracle of Direct Awakening: Meditation 2.0

Meditation 2.0 Direct Awakening

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Have you ever had a deep and profound spiritual experience?

What if you could sustain that awakened state and tap into a limitless source of creative power, freedom, love and purposefulness every day of your life? 

This is what is possible when you use spiritual practices such as meditation, which Marianne Williamson recently called “the single greatest tool for success in any area of life.” 

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Craig Hamilton and his team are making the webinar recording of his game-changing Meditation 2.0 seminar available for free online listening !

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When most of us think of meditation, we think of chanting mantras, watching our breath, or doing mindfulness practices to reduce stress.

But Meditation 2.0 has nothing to do with these repetitive (and at times tedious) ancient practices.

Craig’s approach represents such a radical departure from the meditation techniques most of us have learned, that it’s really more accurate to think of it as an evolution of meditation.

The groundbreaking discovery behind The Practice of Direct Awakening is that there is a deeper “essential super-nature” that already exists within each of us, fully formed.

This “essential super-nature” already contains the extraordinary capacities that most of us are striving so hard to develop.

It gives us access to profound intuitive wisdom, deep emotional resilience, genuine empathy, remarkable flexibility, surprising creativity, and a host of other high-impact capacities.

Now, instead of spending decades doing “indirect” practices to try to develop all of these abilities, you can literally practice tapping directly into the source of these capacities, every single day!

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P.S. Craig’s Direct Awakening approach works for anyone—even those who have struggled to experience any real benefit from meditation in the past. 

Arielle Ford recently shared her “confession” about her own experience with meditation, to help release any shame or sense of failure anyone might have been feeling around mediation practice: 

“I’ve got a secret confession to share: I tried for years to do meditation, but failed time and again… I would try so hard to do it ‘right,’ but almost always my mind filled with thoughts, ideas, and all kinds of ‘non-spiritual’ stuff!

Having worked with leading spiritual authors for years, I knew all the research about how “good” meditation was supposed to be… I just couldn’t do it. At times, I felt like something was wrong with me. But then one day, everything changed when I did a meditation led by Craig Hamilton. I quickly felt my consciousness become super-charged, unlike anything I’d experienced.” 

Reserve Your Spot: Meditation 2.0: The Miracle of Direct Awakening 

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