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Super Manifestor Goldpack: Enlightened Beings

Super Manifestor Goldpack
Super Manifestor Goldpack


Jafree Ozwald at Enlightened Beings has created a NEW Super Manifesting Product called Super Manifestor Goldpack.

It contains;
27 NEW Super Manifesting Videos (which he personally recorded)
and 14 Inspirational Interviews with Jafree on MP3 Audio
AND 5 Bonus Enlightening Videos!!

The best part of ALL is that it’s ONLY $27!

Jafree has personally recorded the clips of insights, epiphanies, enlightening knowledge and wisdom which he’s gathered throughout my life. I’ve taken the very best of these enlightening clips and put them together in a video package you can instantly download and experience right now!

These heart driven enlightening messages are directly from my soul to yours. I will be sharing with you how to reach a deeper experience of enlightenment, blissful meditation, how to become a manifesting magnet, how to move through your deepest blocks, how to create enlightening relationships, effortlessly release excess weight, naturally increase your manifesting abilities, transform anger into elation, enter an enlightened state of consciousness and much much more!

This personalized online experience will enlighten your mind, inspire your life and boost your natural manifesting abilities! This is a fun educational adventure which can become your personal daily guides to help you break through emotional blocks and start seeing yourself being capable of creating  anything your heart’s desires!  When digested on a daily basis they will ignite the “Manifesting Mindset” within you and get your life moving in the right direction.

You’ll also receive 14 Live Recorded Radio Interviews with Jafree on tele-summits and internet stations around the world, where he covers an enormous variety of subjects which you can read more in detail below.  Also, you’ll receive 5 FREE BONUS VIDEOS that are inspirational materials tol get you motivated and jazzed about being a powerful manifesting being in this life!  This entire video and audio collection is like a mini online “Manifesting University” where you can watch, listen and enjoy learning with Jafree how to start creating that amazing life you soooo deserve!  —Jafree

To your Abundance

Paul at

(Note that ChangeThatMind is an affiliate of Enlightened Beings and thereby receives a payment on any of their products sold through this website)

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