Spring Forest Healingfest 2024

Spring Forest Healingfest 2024

Listen & watch the Spring Forest HealingFest Qigong course for free in an online event by  Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin; starting June 10 2024

This is a  free online event to…Erase pain, stress, and sickness from your body

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Now, more than ever, we all need robust health, a strong immune system, emotional well-being, and physical vitality.

We would like you to learn – free of charge – Spring Forest Qigong.

It is an ancient Chinese “practice” that can take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body at amazing speeds… leaving you with more energy, balanced emotions, and peace of mind.

Beginning on June 10 you can listen to and watch the Spring Forest Qigong course for free in an online event. This course features acclaimed Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin who has figured out how to make it easy to learn.

You will be able to use your mind to help heal your body, and it is free for you to learn.

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If you don’t have any symptoms that need healing, but you would like more peace and serenity or joy and happiness, the Healingfest is absolutely worth checking out for those reasons alone.

Spring Forest HealingFest 2024Join in and explore the Spring Forest Healingfest. Get your Free Pass today, and plan on watching the new first session online on Monday, June 10.

To  Your Uplifting Health!

Paul  at  ChangeThatMind.com

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