Reparent Yourself Summit 2024

Reparent Yourself Online Summit 2024

Reparent Yourself Summit 2024

Join Generation Mindful for their FREE 3rd Annual Reparent Yourself Online Summit 2024. To reparent yourself means to actively take on the role of being the parent you needed when you were a child.

To reparent yourself means to actively take on the role of being the parent you needed when you were a child.

It means helping yourself feel safe, seen, and heard.

It means practicing self-love, acceptance, and self-respect. Listening to and sharing your wants and needs. Validating your emotions… and so much more

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If you find yourself reacting strongly to certain situations or people in your life, I urge you to explore the connection this may have to unmet needs from your childhood.

Reparent Yourself Summit 2023Join Generation Mindful for this free Summit and:

  • Connect with your inner child
  • Identify your unmet needs
  • Address conflict
  • Trust your intuition
  • Explore grief, loss, and forgiveness
  • Set limits without apologizing
  • Heal childhood wounds
  • End generational traumas
  • And make time for yourself (finally!)

Re-parenting can help us overcome limiting beliefs and patterns from childhood that we may not even be conscious of today.

Join Generation Mindful in healing the generations… starting with ourselves.

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These inspiring, extra supportive resources for reparenting yourself are unique, and created for you by the experts, authors, MSWs, yogis, educators, therapists, and more in this year’s all-new summit.

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Reparent Yourself Summit 2024 Day 1

Reparent Yourself Summit 2024 Day 2Reparent Yourself Summit 2024 Day 3


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