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Diabetes Essentials

Diabetes Summit 2019
Diabetes Essentials

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Diabetes is a deadly disease, but it can be prevented and reversed with the right lifestyle changes and strategies — this masterclass from diabetes authority, Dr. Brian Mowll, provides the ultimate plan to help regain control of your blood sugar!

Despite BILLIONS of dollars spent on pharmaceutical research, diabetes rates continue to rise. Plus, there are MORE THAN 70 diabetes drugs being prescribed in the U.S. alone — NONE that address root causes or stop progression of the disease.

This masterclass is for those with diabetes, pre-diabetes or who are concerned about their blood sugar, and want an organized, step-by-step approach to address the core factors involved in management and normalization.

With Dr. Brian Mowll and 50+ global health experts, you’ll learn everything needed to support metabolic health and improve blood sugar levels, reach peace of mind and enhance your life.

Attend The Diabetes Essentials Masterclass to learn:

  • Day 1: Understanding diabetes from a new perspective
  • Day 2: Cutting through nutritional hype and confusion
  • Day 3: How to plan, prepare, shop and cook for success
  • Day 4: Using physical activity to optimize blood sugar
  • Day 5: Leveraging labs and exams to stay safe and healthy
  • Day 6: How stress impacts blood sugar and mood
  • Day 7: Medications and supplements: biochemistry of management
  • Day 8: Overcoming challenges to stay in control
  • Day 9: Ideas for achieving better blood sugar
  • Day 10: Staying motivated for long-term health

Since 1998, Dr. Brian Mowll has helped thousands of people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

During this masterclass, he’ll share his functional medicine and personalized, lifestyle-based approach to help you regain control of blood sugar, heal complications and health problems, and reverse the course of diabetes.

So  what we’re doing for diabetes now must change, because it isn’t working. With the right education and action, it’s ABSOLUTELY possible to change and save the lives of those with or on a path toward diabetes.

Click here to register for Dr. Mowll’s diabetes masterclass now!

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