27 Holistic Foods that Eliminate Pain

27 Holistic Foods That Eliminate Pain eBook

End Chronic Pain


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Maybe you’re thinking, ‘How is a book going to help my pain?!’

Well, first off, let’s talk nutrition…

How your diet impacts pain might shock you…

There is a significant connection between your body’s reaction to food and the scale of pain you experience on a daily basis.

In fact, there is a profound and often underestimated impact diet and nutrition have on your current state of health overall…

So much so that HealthMean’s colleagues at Holistic Health Films put together a no-BS food guide detailing the 27 Foods That Eliminate Pain.

…it’s normally $19.95 but because they are releasing their critically acclaimed pain docuseries this week, it’s 100% free when you register for their public showing.

Now is your chance to get your hands on this food guide to start relearning how to have a better, pain-free relationship with your favorite family meals.

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27 Holistic Foods that Eliminate Pain

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The recipes in this guide contain the most healing and anti-inflammatory foods available at your very own grocery store or supermarket.


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