Sleep Like a Baby: Neuro-vision
Sleep Like a Baby: Neuro-vision

Sleep Like a Baby!: Neuro-vision

Sleep Like a Baby; Hypnosis for Insomnia
Sleep Like a Baby; Hypnosis for Insomnia

Sleep Like a Baby from Neuro-vision. No Pills, No Risky Treatments, Just Sound and Restful Sleep

Thanks to this revolutionary insomnia treatment, insomniacs now have the ability to sleep soundly at will, enjoy a full night’s rest, and wake up in the morning completely revitalized!

Insomnia Hypnosis Program Review By Taihra Modine

I have always had the classic “type A personality,” the one who is always on the go and trying to excel at everything. At my best, I am hard-working and goal oriented, but at my worst, I am one of the most stressed out people you could meet. Unfortunately for me this often means that I have trouble sleeping, and I have been fighting insomnia for a long time.

My doctor prescribed a sleeping medication for me and it worked for awhile, but I started to feel groggy all day long and I simply had to quit taking the pills. I tried various tricks like drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea before bed and taking a shower, but my anxieties kept me awake all night. 
For years, I was caught up in the vicious cycle of insomnia, unable to fall asleep even on nights when I felt physically exhausted. I would find myself unable to fall asleep because I was too stressed out, and then I would feel stressed out from not being able to sleep!

I was not having much success even though I tried countless different methods for getting to sleep, so when I found out that people were using hypnotherapy I was interested to see if it would work. After all, hypnotists are frequently portrayed as waving a watch back and forth while saying to their subject, “You’re getting very sleepy,” right? I was desperate to find relief and I am happy to say that after using the Sleep Like a Baby! program, I am having a much easier time falling asleep at night. There was no watch-waving involved either, just relaxation techniques that helped me unwind.

First of all, this program is comprised of seven different sessions. It is convenient to use because it is organized into chapters. There were some chapters I liked more than others, so now I just go straight to the one I want to listen to before bed. I still recommend listening to them in order the first time to avoid confusion. The first session lays out the whole program so it is a must listen in my opinion.

The second session is when the hypnosis treatment begins. After the introduction, I found this stage to be very peaceful and calming, which felt incredible. The third session uses techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to reprogram the unconscious to change the way you react to situations that
trigger stress, and consequently, your ability to fall asleep.

The fourth session utilizes Ericksonian Metaphors and NLP to help calm your mind before bed. It really soothes the restless thoughts that most other insomniacs I know complain about. This session even makes you feel reassured that you will get a good night’s sleep. I liked the confidence in this session because it helped me believe in the program.

The following session helps you use your happy memories and positive thoughts to relax. I saw it as a direct follow-up to session four. This session is nice because you learn how to turn your daydreams into stress-busting tools that help you fall asleep faster.

I have noticed that most of the hypnosis programs offered by Alan B. Densky contain similar key elements such as an introduction, NLP techniques, and lessons in self-hypnosis. Although it takes some practice, I really like how the program teaches self-hypnosis techniques. I don’t always have a CD player handy when I’m going to bed during business trips, so it is great that I can just tell myself to relax and get to sleep this way.

Although the seventh session is specifically designed for use right before bedtime, I find that I sometimes prefer to use other sessions to fall asleep, especially parts of session four. The good thing about this program is there is something for everyone to use.

I am impressed with the effects I have seen from using this program. I finally feel well-rested and the puffy bags under my eyes have vanished. This program is perfect if you have insomnia because you feel stressed, worried, or depressed. It beats relying on drugs, and you are not just passively lulled to sleep, you actually learn how to cope with your anxiety and take better care of yourself emotionally. I had no idea that hypnosis could have such an impact on stress, but to me it has been quite a relief.

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