You are currently viewing Kasina sound & light machine from Mindplace

Kasina sound & light machine from Mindplace

Kasina Sound & Light Machine from Mindplace

Mindplace’s most mature product yet, Kasina – This Pali term refers to an ancient system of meditation that uses visual objects to focus the mind. The Kasina uses sound and light to focus the mind.

The  MindPlace Kasina can be used in a similar manner to induce positive mood shifting effects.

Get yourself into a comfortable position, put on your earphones, choose a session, put on the ganzframes –  your mind will naturally attune to the same frequency as the session you choose – in the same way that tuning a fork works. Imagine a world of pure jewel-like color illuminating your visual and mental fields.Examples of session types are: meditate, focus energy, night voyage, trance, and mind-art.

  • Meditation aid – access deeply tranquil states
  • Can clears of extraneous thoughts – stops the “Monkey Mind
  • Focus and attention trainer
  • Break undesirable states – like anger
  • Facilitate accelerated learning
  • Mood shifter – change your mind
  • Access altered states of consciousness
  • Stunning audio – visual experience – wow factor

As someone who suffers from insomnia, I can personally attest to the power of the Kasina as a sleep aid. With over 60 million Americans struggle to catch some zzzs, this is an amazing opportunity – Kasina owner

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